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Sporting equipment

When you fly with us you can carry your sporting equipment with you as checked in baggage. But if your total baggage exceeds our free baggage allowance please note that additional charges will apply. Also please be advised that carriage of sporting equipment is subject to space availability.
The following requirements shall apply when carrying sporting equipment:
  • Each piece of equipment must be packed in a specifically designed travel case
  • Each case of sporting equipment should not exceed the total dimensions of 135 cm.

Below are instructions of carrying some of the more common sporting equipment:

  • Bicycles – If possible wheels, frames, handles and etc. should be detached and packed compactly in a case. Due to safety reasons pedals and hand brakes must be detached and handles securely fixed.
  • Fishing Equipment – A fishing kit consists of two rods, one reel, one landing net, one pair of boots and one tackle box. Fishing rods must not be strapped to suitcases.
  • Golfing Equipment- A golf set consists of one golf bag including clubs, golf balls and golf apparel.
  • Snow Ski/Snowboard - A skiing or snowboarding kit consists of one pair of skis or one snowboard, one pair of stocks and one pair of skiing or snowboarding boots. Skis and snowboards should be packed in protective casing.