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University of Arizona Scholarship Essay Example on Financial Need

Describe any unusual or personal experiences or income situations that make it difficult for you and/or your family to contribute to the cost of your education and how you will overcome these obstacles

Ever since I was two my dad has been supporting me and my sister while paying child support for his other two kids from a previous marriage. He continues today to pay his mortgage on a house for his kids to live in my and he still provides for his four kids as well as providing care to his grandchildren from my ill-equipped older siblings. My mother has been physically, emotionally, and financially out of the picture since the divorce; she never provided my dad with a dime of child support, yet he still managed to raise his four kids. As the son of a single parent with one kid in college and soon to be two I, personally, cannot afford the cost of college.

I take my education very seriously, and I take pride in expanding my knowledge of the world and all that inhabits it; college is simply the next step in a plan for the betterment of myself. I have always wanted to go to college and Arizona has been my dream school ever since I started looking into universities. Honestly, if you would have asked me how I would handle the financial aspects of college, I would have simply told you, I cannot. Although, after receiving the Provost's scholarship my dream start to become more of a reality.

With the sudden realization that I could actually go to the school of my dreams, I made a plan in order to deal with the fees attached to college. I have been working a job ever since I got my license and I have been saving as much as a can from that which a plan to put towards college.I intend to get an on-campus job to help defray the costs of my education, but after evaluating my situation I have determined that this alone will not be sufficient. In regards to that, I aim to apply for as many scholarships as I can to bring tuition down to an amount that I can handle. As for the remaining costs, I plan to use financial aid to pay for it. However, investments are what drive the economy- as an individual, my personal investments are in my education. I would extremely appreciate if you could invest in me because I have an ambition to do amazing things for this world.

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