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» Prime minister: Airline transportation should bridge Mongolia-Japan relationship

Prime minister: Airline transportation should bridge Mongolia-Japan relationship

On 11 March, Sunday, Prime Minister S.Batbold met with the leaders of reputable Japanese companies and corporations.

President of ANA, All Nippon Airways, Mr.Sh.Ito, Acting Vice President of ANA, Mr.K.Oda, and Vice President for External Affairs of ANA Mr.K.Shibata paid a courtesy call to the Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr.S.Batbold.

ANA is an internationally prestigious company. Mongolia is interested in active cooperation with ANA in airline industry. ANA has a cooperation agreement with Eznis Airways, a Mongolian airline company, and has been working supporting the company on domestic transportation.

Prime Minister S.Batbold said: “Mongolian economy is rapidly growing. The airline industry plays a crucial role in speeding up this development for a landlocked country as ours”. He also noted, “No doubt, the number of tourists between the two countries would definitely increase if cooperation expands between private companies in tourism industry”.

Also, Japanese government and people have helped and supported us, in overcoming the difficulties of transition period into democracy. Mongolian people appreciate the support and have kind and close relationship with Japanese people. Thus, airline transportation can bridge the people-to-people relations between our two countries.
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