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When traveling with pets you are required to present your pet’s health certificate and a veterinarian’s confirmation of vaccination during check-in at the airport. Please note that pets and animals infected with any kind of illness, laboratory animals and rodent mammals are not allowed for travel by Eznis Airways.
Pets are carried either in passenger cabins or cargo compartments depending on the size of the animal as well as customer convenience in mind. In the following cases pets are allowed to travel in the plane cabin:
  • Weight of pet carriers (when holding pets) do not exceed 8 kgs
  • Carriers measurements do not exceed 55x40x25.4 cm
  • Carriers are leak proof

Pets are allowed for travel in cargo compartments with the following requirements:

  • Pet carriers must be leak proof
  • Carriers must be ventilated
For safety of your pets Eznis Airways does not accept any animals in cargo compartments if the outside temperature is colder than minus 15C. Pets are not counted towards carry-on baggage allowance and excess baggage fees do apply for transportation of pets and animals.

For more detailed information on traveling with pets please contact our Passenger Services Division by calling (976-11)-283241.