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Prime minister: Airline transportation should bridge Mongolia-Japan relationship

On 11 March, Sunday, Prime Minister S.Batbold met with the leaders of reputable Japanese companies and corporations.

President of ANA, All Nippon Airways, Mr.Sh.Ito, Acting Vice President of ANA, Mr.K.Oda, and Vice President for External Affairs of ANA Mr.K.Shibata paid a courtesy call to the Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr.S.Batbold.

Eznis Airways – five years of consistent and reliable air service

As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of our airline we reflect on the past while looking to the future.  Since our first scheduled flight operated on the Ulaanbaatar – Choibalsan route on December 26, 2006. Eznis Airways has meanwhile become the leading domestic airline carrying most domestic passengers.


Mining Journal features an article on Eznis

Eznis Airways, Mongolia’s leading domestic airline with the largest network of destinations in the country, is also playing a major role in the development of the country’s burgeoning mining industry by providing vital air-charter services for mining companies into mine sites at remote locations. 

Eznis Airways has featured on Airliner World

Although it is barely five years old, Eznis Airways has emerged as the leading domestic airline in Mongolia. Sebastian Schmitz travels to the carrier’s base in Ulaanbaatar to discover the secret to its success. Mongolia is a vast and sparsely populated country squeezed between its two neighbors Russia and China.