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» “EZ TOUR AWARDS" ceremony can become successfully

“EZ TOUR AWARDS" ceremony can become successfully

Every year Eznis Airways LLC organizes the EZ TOUR AWARDS among it’s Contracted Tour Operators to recognize the best companies for that year.

EZ TOUR AWARDS-2010 was successfully held on 09th of December at the IVY restaurant. Guests from the Mongolian Tourism Association and representatives of the Tour operators attended the recognition event. Along with Eznis Airways delegates they reviewed and evaluated the passing year’s achievements; and discussed the coming year’s goals and objectives. The following tour companies was recognized in 2010:

    EZ DIAMOND - Nomadic Expeditions

    EZ PLATINUM – Ar Mongol Travel, Horseback Adventure Tours, Hovsgol Travel

    EZ GOLD – New Juulchin Tours, Nomadic Journeys, Juulchin, Nomads Tours and Expeditions 

    EZ SILVER- DMD, Fish Mongolia, Tsolmon Travel, Ingol Zoloot, Orso’s Voyages, Mongolian Ways, Ayan Trails, Boojum Expeditions, Selena Travel, Panoramic Journeys, Mongol Khan Expeditions, Active and Adventure Tours.

Tour Operators have a high praise for the EZ Tour Awards and it has quickly become one of the favorite events of the year for them.  Eznis Airways is thankful to All of our contracted tour operators and the ones who got recognized; And would like to wish all of you the best for the next year.  

If you have any suggestions or comments about the EZ TOUR AWARDS, please send an email to sales@eznis.com . Your suggestions and comments are valuable to Eznis Airways to make EZ Tour Awards better. Thank you.

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