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» Eznis Airways appoints new CEO

Eznis Airways appoints new CEO

Eznis Airways appoints new CEO - 1st of many major announcements per the airline’s strategic growth plans as it positions itself for the future
November 30, 2010, ULAANBAATAR – Eznis Airways announces the appointment of Mr. S. Munksukh as CEO of Eznis Airways, effective immediately.  Mr. Munkhsukh has served as a Board Member of Eznis Airways since January 2010, and has been instrumental in enhancing the company’s operations, finances and product/service offerings, as well as being actively involved in the carrier’s aircraft selection process and new hangar project.

The former CEO, Mr. L. Tsoodol, guided the company through a period of rapid growth and expansion.  During Mr. Tsoodol’s term as CEO, the airline launched international services for the first time - to Hailar, Inner Mongolia, China, and to Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia, and expanded the fleet with the acquisition of a 4th Saab 340B aircraft.  Mr. Tsoodol also oversaw the broadening of Eznis’ ticket distribution from the airline’s city and airport ticket offices to 8 travel agencies in 17 locations throughout Ulaanbaatar and one in Erdenet, the introduction of a web online booking engine enabling customers worldwide to purchase tickets directly, and the appointment of sales agents in China, Korea, Japan, and Russia.  The Eznis Board, employees and the shareholders of Newcom – the parent company of Eznis Airways - gratefully acknowledge his many contributions.  Mr. Tsoodol’s accomplishments and achievements have successfully enabled Eznis to position itself for its next stage of growth.

Mr. Munksukh will now lead the airline into its next growth phase, as Eznis solidifies strategic partnerships with other premier airlines, and advances as a certified leader in international aviation operating, safety and security standards.  The carrier’s core values of delivering a safe, reliable and customer service-oriented product will remain, as Eznis Airways further establishes itself as the finest Mongolian carrier, and a major aviation player in North Central Asia.  

Prior to his return to Mongolia from the US, Mr. Munkhsukh served as a Senior Vice President of Citco Group providing fund services to alternative investment companies and was an integral part of a team that oversaw a growth of the office from 4 to 140 within 4 years.  Having a strong track record of managing organizations through rapid expansion periods, Mr. Munkhsukh acted as a co-principal of a first private equity fund dedicated to investments in Mongolia and as an advisor to a hedge fund with an active investment portfolio in Mongolia.  He received a BA from Northeastern University and his MBA from the University of California - Berkeley.

Munksukh returned to Mongolia in 2009 with his wife and three sons.  His broad financial background and international experience, as well as strong Mongolian roots, are the right mix to propel Eznis Airways as a premier airline serving the aviation needs of Mongolia’s booming economy.

For more information contact:
Ms. M. Delgermaa
+976 11 313689
Eznis Airways
8 Zovkhis Building, 4th Floor,
Seoul Street, Sukhbaatar District,
Ulaanbaatar 14251, Mongolia


Eznis Airways is the leading Mongolian domestic airline with the largest network of domestic destinations within Mongolia, and highest flight frequency on these routes. The airline was established on January 6, 2006 by Newcom Group, one of the largest holding companies of Mongolia.   The airline operates domestic scheduled and charter flights to 14 destinations in 10 aimags of Mongolia including Dornod, Bayankhongor, Khuvsgul, Umnugobi, Khovd, Uvs, Zavkhan, Bayan-Ulgii, Gobi-Altai and Uvurkhangai, and operates international scheduled service to Hailar in China's Inner Mongolia region and Ulan-Ude in Russian Federation's Buryat Republic, and charter services to points in China, Russia and Kazakhstan. 


Newcom is a leading Mongolian owned, investment company and a business developer.  Newcom builds businesses of exceptional qualities such as Mobicom, Eznis Airways, Clean Energy and Newcom Properties.  Newcom was established in 1993 by a small group of Mongolian telecommunications engineers and entrepreneurs as one of the early private enterprises following the country's transition to democracy and a market-led economy.  Newcom seeks to create value by building businesses that are knowledge driven, sustainably competitive and in line with positively contributing to Mongolia’s economic and social development.

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