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» Eznis Airways receives second Bombardier Q400 aircraft

Eznis Airways receives second Bombardier Q400 aircraft

February 07, 2013, ULAANBAATAR – Eznis Airways’ second Bombardier Q400 turboprop plane landed at Chinggis Khaan International Airport today at 00:13am.  

Eznis Airways LLC, the largest private airline in Mongolia, has acquired a previously owned 2 Q400 aircrafts and has started service in the country with the fast and fuel-efficient turboprop. Eznis acquired the Q400 aircraft through Nordic Aviation Capital, the Danish.
Bombardier Q400 aircraft, optimized for short-haul operations, the “comfortably greener,” 74 seats Q400 aircraft is a large, fast, quiet and fuel-efficient turboprop including a technological marvel.

Powered by two new-generation, 5,071-shaft horsepower (shp) PW150A engines, and capable of flying at a speed of up to 360 knots (667 km/h), the Q400 aircraft can quickly climb above the strong summer head winds which blow across Mongolia, and also access the high elevation airports in mountainous regions of the country. Its steep approach capabilities allow the aircraft to quickly descend over the mountains to easily navigate the strong northerly winds found at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in UIaanbaatar, where Eznis is based.

The Q400 aircraft has been certified for gravel runway operations that predominate in rural Mongolia, which enables Eznis to fly mining charter customers directly to mine sites, while the aircraft’s large baggage compartment allows ample storage of mining provisions.

We also understand the importance of being green and environmentally friendly, and in line with this global trend Eznis will strive to become the first green airline in Mongolia.
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