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» Eznis Airways’ receives second Avro RJ 85 aircraft

Eznis Airways’ receives second Avro RJ 85 aircraft

September 22, 2011, ULAANBAATAR – Eznis Airways’ second Avro RJ 85 jet plane landed at Chinggis Khaan International Airport this evening of September 22 at 19:45pm.  The 93 seat Avro RJ aircraft, built by BAE Systems, has four jet engines permitting fast and quiet travel as well as a spacious passenger cabin ensuring comfortable onboard experience.

The aircraft will fly on Eznis Airways’ scheduled route to Ulgii as well as mining charter flights to mining sites. The first Avro RJ aircraft, which arrived in the country June of this year and has been serving Ulaangom, Khovd and Tsogtsetsii soum in Umnugobi province.

Eznis Airways has acquired the Avro RJ aircrafts with financing from Khan Bank illustrating the cooperation of Mongolian based companies working collaboratively to further invest in Mongolia’s development. With the addition of the latest Avro RJ Eznis fleet now includes two Avro RJ 85’s and four 34 seat Saab 340B aircraft. The expansion of the fleet brings the airline yet another important step closer to its aim to be the No. 1 choice for regional air service in North Central Asia by increasing number of routes and flight frequencies domestically as well as regionally. In the future, Eznis Airways has plans to further expand its fleet to better serve the fast growing air travel demand of the country.

In addition, to ensure the highest standard of maintenance and technical services for the Avro RJ, Eznis Airways has partnered with Lufthansa Technik Switzerland. Lufthansa Technik is also providing world-class technical training for Eznis engineers and technicians that will lead in-house maintenance services.

About Eznis Airways

Eznis Airways is the leading Mongolian domestic airline serving the most number of passengers domestically.  The airline was established in 2006 by Newcom Group, one of the largest Mongolian investment groups.   The airline operates domestic scheduled and charter flights to 14 destinations in 10 aimags of Mongolia, and international scheduled service to Hailar in China's Inner Mongolia region and Ulan-Ude in Russian Federation's Buryat Republic, as well as charter services to points in China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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