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Hand baggage

For the safety and comfort of all our customers we set limitations on the size and weight of a passenger’s hand baggage.

Hand baggage allowance:

  • The size of a hand baggage is measured by adding together the three dimensions (length, height and depth) of each piece of luggage. When added together the three dimensions of any luggage must not exceed 105cm or 23x34x48cm (including wheels, pockets and handles).
  • Hand baggage must not weigh more than 5kgs (not applicable for infants).
  • If your baggage exceeds the dimensions specified above it should be carried as checked in baggage.            

You're advised:

  • To carry your fragile and valuable items, such as electronic equipment (including laptops, mobile phones), cameras, cash, keys and jewelry etc. in your carry-on baggage.
  • For security reasons any items that may be used to pose a threat to passengers in any way are prohibited on board. 
  • Such items include, but are not limited to knives, sharp objects and certain sporting equipment such as golf clubs, baseball bats and other dangerous items. These items should be packed in your checked in baggage.
  • Please carry any essential medications and prescriptions with you on board.
  • Note that passengers may carry a limited quantity of liquids on-board. Liquids must be contained in containers with capacity not greater than 100ml. 
Also the following personal items may be carried on board free of charge in addition to the carry-on baggage allowance:
Overcoat,  Wheelchair, Reading materials, Baby stroller, Handbag, Small camera, Umbrella...etc.

Bulky Baggage

Bulky but fragile baggage (musical instruments, etc.) can be carried on board by purchasing an extra seat to accommodate for it. If you choose not to purchase an extra seat, this type of baggage can be carried as checked in baggage, packed in a suitable hard case to prevent any possible damage