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Q1: How can I make a reservation?
A: You can make a reservation my visiting our ticketing center or by calling our call center at 976-75753232.

Q2: How do I confirm my reservation?
A: By visiting our ticketing office and purchasing your reserved ticket in person or through a representative your reservation will be confirmed. Please note that a flight ticket shall be issued based on your valid ID card or foreign passport.

Q3: How can I pay for my ticket?
A: You can make your payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer. We accept visa and master cards of Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, Khaan Bank, Golomt bank. In addition you can make payments using your American Express card.

If you are making your payment by bank transfer you can get an invoice can be issued our ticketing agents and received in person or via fax. Acquire your flight ticket by transferring your payment to our account details provided on the invoice and bringing your original copy of you remittance slip to our ticketing office in person or through a representative.

Q4: How do I change/cancel my flight?
A: By bringing your purchased flight ticket with a valid ID card to our ticketing office you will be able to change/cancel your flight pursuant to the fare conditions of your ticket.

Q5: How can I make flight refund for my friend’s flight? Can refund be made through a commissioner?
A: You can do a ticket refund for an another person by visiting our ticketing office with your and ticket owner’s identification documents as well as the flight ticket.

Q6: Can I have more information about ticket validity period.
A: The ticket validity period varies depending on which type of fare you purchased.  The ticket validity period is counted from the date the ticket is issued. For more information please contact our call center at 976-75753232.

Q7: The ticket fares sold at the airport are quite expensive. Why is this the case?
A: The airline offers it’s customers an advance purchase discount to reward those ticketing early. This means passengers can purchase cheaper fares if they buy in advance. Thus at the airport for those purchasing tickets before the flight after the check-in process has started we offer our basic fares.

Q8: Why are there seats available for purchase when I come to the airport although I have been advised that seats have been sold out?
A: In some cases passengers who have already ticketed make changes to their flight details or refunds. In addition if passengers of the flight arrive with small amount of baggage upon doing additional calculations we may sell additional seats on the flight.

Q9: Why are your stretcher fares so high?
A: To accommodate a passenger who can only be transported on stretchers we take out three seats in order to install a special stretcher. Three seats are taken out on the both segments of the flights thus the airline blocks in total 6 seats for the stretcher. This results in stretcher prices which are relatively higher compared to our regular fares.

Q10: Why do you charge fares for infant passengers even though they do not take up seats and are not served meals on the flight?
A: Although our infant passenger do not take up extra seats every passenger on our flight is required to pay life insurance. Our infant fare is charged for life insurance payment and our service fee.

Payload Limitation

Q1: Why are there many empty seats on the flight even though your company advised that the seats had sold out?
A: Although our Bombardier have 74-78 seats in order to ensure safe operations of the flight the aircraft may be subject to payload limitations depending on many factors including present weather conditions (temperature, wind speed, humidity), type of runway (paved, unpaved and length of the runway), elevation level, amount of fuel needed for the flight, flight distance and etc. Dear Customer, please note that if you notice empty seats on a sold out flight it is related to these factors.

Q2: Why are some of your flights scheduled very early in the mornings in the summer?
A: In order to accommodate the maximum number of passengers in the summer time we may schedule some flights early in the morning when the temperature is cooler. Thus by scheduling flights early in the morning we put our passenger’s safety first while being able to serve more customers.

Fare type

Q1: Why do you have so many different types of fares?
A: Eznis Airways is the first airline to introduce multiple fare levels in the domestic air travel market of Mongolia. With this service the airline aims to provide its customers the opportunity to choose from different fare levels in accordance with their needs and budget. The airline offers its customers two different fare levels varying in terms of flexibility of flight adjustments, ticket refunds and free baggage allowance. Eznis Airways offers any foreigner and expat who has legal documents that proves that he or she is a local resident can choose freely among the lower fares we have, subject to availability seats. The latter category includes any foreigner with an official residence permit in Mongolia for more than 90 days.

Flight fares and fees

Q1: Infants fares are eligible for children of how many years of age?
A: Children up to 2 years of age (0-23 months) are eligible for travel on infant fares which are 10% of our lowest fare. Please note that when purchasing infant fares you are required to show your child’s birth certificate.

Q2: My child will be 2 years old on the date of travel. Can I purchase the flight ticket at infant fare?
A: Infant fares are issued based on the child’s age on the date of ticket purchase. Thus if you are purchasing a ticket for your child before his/her 2nd birthday the infant fare will be available.

Q3: Please provide information about child fares? 
A: Children aged between 2 and 12 travel at 50% of adult fares available on that flight. Please note you need to show your child’s birth certificate to our ticket agent to purchase child fares.

Q4: Is it possible for a 5 year old child to travel unaccompanied on Eznis Airways flight? Are there additional service fees for unaccompanied children?
A: Children aged between 0 and 4 are required to travel with an adult (aged 12 years or above) who is an immediate family member or who has written permission from the child's parent or guardian. If your child is aged between 5 and 11 you may have on our flights unaccompanied. The additional service fee for unaccompanied minors is 25,000 tugrug.

Q5: Do you have special fares for stretcher passengers?  
A: Passengers who can be transported only on stretches can be accepted for transportation on Eznis Airways flights. In order to accommodate a stretcher passenger install a special stretcher which requires temporarily removing 3 regular seats.  Each stretcher passenger must be accompanied by at least one additional care taker passenger.

Q6: What fees and taxes are charged with the flight fares? Please provide information about fees and taxes that must be paid in addition to flight fares.
A: Value added tax and life insurance fees are included in your flight fare and airport taxes are charged in addition to the flight fare. Please note that all passengers except diplomatic passport holders and infant passengers are required to pay airport taxes.

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