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US users: What will your experience using money look like in the future?
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39 months ago
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Starting September 19, 2017, only solvers located in the United States should submit solutions. International solvers who have already submitted will allowed.

Traditional financial institutions are evolving in ways that our team can’t imagine – but we think that you can imagine it!? We want to hear your thoughts on your relationship with your finances and how you think this should grow/change.??

Note: We’re most interested in hearing from people who work or are interested in growing industries or start-ups related to technology, like: tech, streaming services, apps, robotics, or AI.


Tell us about the future of money. Specifically, answer each of the following questions in detail:

  1. Where do you currently experience frustrations or challenges when it comes to managing your finances or paying for things? Note: Think about this from a more tactical standpoint rather than challenges due to how much money someone has. For example, we’d love to hear a story of when you were complaining to a friend about using money, managing your money or trying to get help with your finances.?
  2. Think of all the ways that you currently do and don’t use technology when it comes to your finances. If you had the chance to redesign the way that you pay for things or manage your money, what would you redesign? How would you improve it?? Note: There are no limits on time, money, or technology to make your redesign happen.

  3. Let’s imagine it’s the year 2037. 20 years into the future, your life is awesome (nice job!) and financial services have changed dramatically in 5 key areas. Pick 2 of the 5 areas listed in bullets below where finance has changed and explain them to us in as much detail as you can. Feel free to bring in outside trends or developments you’re aware of. If you get stuck, think about how Elon Musk, Google, or Amazon would shape these areas.
    ? Shopping and making payments looks very different
    ? Managing money and/or making payments is entirely personalized and customized
    ? Your money has never been safer
    ? Managing money has never been easier
    ? [An area of your choosing where you see an unmet need or problem that needs solving.]

Be creative and imaginative in your approach. The ideas don’t have to be feasible today.? Dream big!?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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