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Charter flights

Eznis Airways offers charter services to a number of points in Mongolia and international charter services to points in China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

By renting our charter services, you will be able to fly to any destination of your choice at your own convenience and enjoy the freedom, efficiency and privacy of charter flights.

Advantages of hiring a charter service:

  • You can choose your own travel destination;
  • You can choose your own travel date and time;
  • You can choose your own travel companions, allowing you to conveniently organize and hold business meetings during the flight;
  • You can devise your own travel route.

Types of charter services:

VIP air charters    • Air Taxi                 • Corporate air charters
Group charters    • Event charters    • Cargo charters

Charter service destinations:

Our domestic and international charter destinations are shown on the below map. Also we can organize charter services to other destinations that have not been marked on the map. You can be assured that you will find the right service for your domestic and regional charter requirements at Eznis Airways. For more information please call 976-75753232.

Our recent high profile charter service customers:

  • The President of Mongolia
  • The Prime Minister of Mongolia
  • His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Japan
  • The Emir of Kuwait
  • The President of Bulgaria
  • MCAA – Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority
  • MAXH – or Revolutionary Party of Mongolia
  • Air Partner Plc – The world's leading corporate aircraft charter company
  • MIAT – Mongolian Airlines
  • Chinggis Khaan Bank
  • Ivanhoe Mines Mongolia Inc
  • Southgobi Sands LLC
  •  Major Drilling LLC
  • Rio Tinto LLC
  • SOS Medica Mongolia LLC
  • MNMA – Mongolian National Mining Association
  • Nomadic Expeditions LLC
  • Panoramic Journeys LLC
  • Nomadic Trails LLC
  • Mongolia Expeditions LLC
  • Bodi International Group